7 Of The Best Stationery Gifts To Give For Any Occasion

7 Of The Best Stationery Gifts To Give For Any Occasion


Stationery gifts can be a great way to show your appreciation for someone and to help them stay organized and creative. Whether you're shopping for a friend, family member, or coworker, there are many different types of stationery gifts that can make a great impression. Here are 7 of the best stationery gifts to give for any occasion:


1. Personalized stationery

A set of personalized note cards, thank-you cards, or stationery can be a thoughtful and practical gift. You can choose from a wide range of styles, colors, and designs, and add a personal touch with a monogram, name, or message. This adds a very personal touch to any stationery gift. You can personalize items at your local print shop or when you make a purchase online ask if they offer personalization.


2. Writing instruments

A high-quality pen or pencil can be a practical and stylish gift for anyone who enjoys writing or drawing. Consider a classic fountain pen, a modern rollerball pen, or a sleek mechanical pencil. You can also look for sets that include multiple writing instruments or accessories like refills, cases, or stands. Writing tools are also a great gift for those who love to write on journals daily or for those who work in an office.


3. Notebooks and journals

A beautiful notebook or journal can inspire creativity and help keep thoughts and ideas organized. Look for options with unique covers, paper types, or features like pockets, bookmarks, or elastic closures. You can also choose from a variety of sizes, from pocket-sized notebooks to large, hardcover journals.


4. Desk accessories

Help someone spruce up their workspace with a set of desk accessories. This could include things like a stylish paperweight, a decorative pencil holder, or a set of sticky notes or paper clips in fun shapes and colors. You can also purchase storage tray to keep essentials all in one place. These are great gifts for those who work from home or who run their own business.


5. Calendars and planners

For someone who likes to stay organized, a calendar or planner can be a lifesaver. Look for options with customizable covers, different layouts, or special features like stickers, bookmarks, or pockets. Depending on the person and their needs their different types of planners such as student planners, financial planners, self-care planners, mental-health planners. Planners and calendars can also be in a digital format, and this is a great gift for those who love to use their iPad and organized. You can find these digital planners and calendars on Etsy. A very popular shop for digital planners is Katsumi Designs as she sells digital planners, printable calendars, and digital stickers!


6. Art supplies

If you're shopping for someone who loves to draw or paint, consider a set of art supplies like colored pencils, markers, or watercolors. You can also look for specialized tools like calligraphy pens or sketchbooks designed for specific types of media. Find art supplies at your local art supply store like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or Joann’s. You can also find these types of supplies online through places like Amazon.


7. Tech accessories

For someone who uses a lot of technology, a stationery gift that incorporates tech can be a great option. This could include things like a stylus pen for a tablet, a wireless charging pad in a stylish design or a phone grip for better comfort and security when holding your phone.


Overall, stationery gifts offer a wide range of options for anyone who loves to write, draw, or stay organized. By choosing something that fits that special person’s style and interests, you can give a gift that is both practical and personal.

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