Character Introductions

Character Introductions

Cherri Berri

Cherri is a sweet kitty who owns her own bakery café. Every Monday she preps her weekly menu for the week. She especially loves to make her famous strawberry chocolate cake for her bakery. She loves to garden and often grows strawberries and cherries in her garden. Cherri loves her friends and loves to buy tulips from Lulu to decorate her home.


Lemon Lulu

Lulu is an adorable yellow bunny that owns an amazing flower shop. Both Cherri and Lulu are neighbors and friends. They love to have sleepovers. At the end of the week, Lulu loves to help Cherri work at the bakery café.




Mochi is a small little bunny that was found by Lulu in her garden and has taken care of her ever since. She love tulips and take naps in Lulu's garden.


Mimi is a small little mouse that was found by Cherri when she moved into her house. One of Mimi’s favorite activities is to sneak into Lulu’s garden to play with Mochi.                           

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