DTIY Event on Instagram!!

DTIY Event on Instagram!!

It’s time for our 5K DTIY!! 💖🥰 First, I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported Kozi Mocha all this time and I also wanted to welcome the new followers. I’m so excited to announce the Christmas gingerbread themed 5K DTIY raffle. This is the way to enter:

1. Follow us on instagram @kozimocha
2. Use hashtag #kozi5k
3. Tag us in the photo
4. Add our original post to your carousel post

Anyone can participate you don’t have to be an artist. So anyone can win a large goodie box with a lot of cute merch from Kozi Mocha. Tell your friends to join in the fun!

Last day to enter is December 27th, 2022 and the raffle will take place on December 28th, 2022. Once winner is announced they will be contacted and please make sure to check your DMs periodically. Good luck to everyone joining!
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