10 Things You Can Do With Kawaii Stickers

10 Things You Can Do With Kawaii Stickers

Kawaii or cute stickers are so popular especially with the recent increase of K-pop fans decorating their photo cards of their favorite K-pop members. These types of cute and colorful stickers often feature adorable characters, animals, food, and other cute designs. Here are 10 things you can do with your kawaii stickers:

1. Decorate your notebook or planner:

Stick kawaii stickers on the cover or pages of your notebook or planner to make it look more colorful and fun. It’s a great way to also add planner stickers to your planner that have the days of the week or special stickers that categorize your days.

2. Personalize your phone case:

Stick kawaii stickers on your phone case to make it unique and cute. Personalize your phone case with deco stickers and add a cute phone grip to your phone for an extra touch of cute! 

3. Use them as rewards:

Use kawaii stickers as rewards for completing tasks or achieving goals. Kids love collecting stickers and seeing their collection grow. Stickers are a great way for teachers to help students develop new skills. It helps motivate them and it’s a great way for them to build excitement every time they learn a difficult topic in school.

4. Create greeting cards:

Use kawaii stickers to decorate handmade greeting cards for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions.

5. Dress up your laptop:

Stick kawaii stickers on your laptop to give it a cute and playful look. Pick from large stickers to small stickers and enhance your laptops aesthetic or you can simply place them on your laptop covers. 

6. Make cute crafts:

Use kawaii stickers to decorate crafts such as picture frames, jewelry boxes, or even water bottles. Many k-pop fans have loved to decorate their photo cards using plastic inserts and adding polco deco stickers. It's super cute and there are many types of stickers to add different themes or aesthetics.

7. Add to your scrapbook:

Use kawaii stickers to add some color and personality to your scrapbook pages. You can also stick your stickers in a reusable sticker book. This is a great way to place your stickers in a space where they don't have to stay permanently.

8. Make labels:

Use kawaii stickers to label your belongings such as books, water bottles, or lunch boxes.

9. Create cute art:

Use kawaii stickers as inspiration to create your own cute art or doodles. Make your own stickers at home and add a personal twist to your cute designs. All you need is an iPad, a printer, sticker paper, and a sticker cutter.

10. Gift them:

Give kawaii stickers as gifts to friends, family, or coworkers who love cute and colorful designs. If you have loved ones that love kawaii things this is a great way to show you care by gifting them stickers!

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