What Are The Best Ways To Recycle Or Reuse Shipping Materials?

What Are The Best Ways To Recycle Or Reuse Shipping Materials?

Recycling and reusing the shipping materials we send our products not only provides a sustainable environment, but it also makes it easier to create resourceful ways to save money on different types of projects. There are several ways to recycle and reuse our shipping packaging materials. Here are some of the best ways:


Cardboard boxes or envelopes:

Most cardboard boxes are recyclable. Check with your local recycling facility to see if they accept cardboard boxes, and if so, make sure to break them down before recycling them. Cardboard is essentially 100% biodegradable as it decomposes quickly under the right environment. You can also turn it into compost for your garden!

Bubble wrap:

Bubble wrap is recyclable, but not all recycling facilities accept it. Look for a recycling symbol on the bubble wrap, and if there isn't one, consider reusing it or bringing it to a shipping store that may accept it. Some other ways to reuse bubble wrap is by selling the old things you have at home in shops like Mercari or Etsy.

Packing peanuts:

Packing peanuts are often made of polystyrene, which is not recyclable in all areas. Depending on the packing peanuts some packing peanuts can be dissolved with water. However, those with polystyrene will not be affected by water. Check with your local recycling facility to see if they accept packing peanuts, and if not, consider reusing them or bringing them to a shipping store that may accept them.

Plastic bags or bubble mailers:

Plastic bags are often not accepted by curbside recycling programs, but many grocery stores and retail stores have recycling bins for plastic bags. Depending on the size they can also be used to pick up your pets waste. Bubble mailers can also be recycled if they are biodegradable, but you it’s still a good idea to contact your local recycling facility for more details.

Air pillows:

Air pillows are usually made of plastic and can be recycled if your local facility accepts them.


Styrofoam is not easily recyclable, but some shipping stores and recycling centers may accept it for recycling. It’s a non-biodegradable material so it would be best to reduce its usage. Essentially it means it can’t breakdown to become one with the earth again.


Crafts and Home Projects:

Reuse shipping materials by making home crafts and projects. If you like journaling most of our packaging supplies includes backings and those can be used to decorate your journals or planners.


Another option is turning corrugated cardboard's or cardboard envelopes into compost. This is a great way to nurture your veggie gardens and any other plants.

Small business:

There are many ways to sell what you don’t need lying around your house online, and it’s a great way to reuse the shipping materials to ship out your used items. If you have a small business, you can also reuse the bubble wrap, air pillows, etc. to ship out glassware or ceramics.


You can also use them to store away glassware and ceramic material. This can help protect the material from breaking apart and prevents it from accumulating dust.

Moving away:

You can use the boxes, bubble wrap, etc. to move your household items into a new home or apartment. Instead of wasting a lot of money on purchasing new boxes because they can be expensive. Use the boxes you get from amazon or even the small boxes we ship out from our business because it is a great way to use them to move your personal items.

A great way to participate in your local recycling program is to contact your local city to see if they offer residential services for recycling. Recycling and reusing your shipping materials helps prevent environmental damage but it’s also a great way to be resourceful! It saves money and it’s just a win-win situation for everyone and the future generations.

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