Yearly Wrap Up

Yearly Wrap Up


The year 2021, was an interesting year for Kozi Mocha because it was the year we began this idea of a stationery and accessories shop and made it into a reality. It was like launching oneself into uncharted waters with no map. We learned so many lessons with creating this small business, and its made us think differently about business entirely. 


We are so grateful that we have been welcomed into this warm and amazing kawaii community. We are so grateful for the love we have received all year long and we hope to bring you some more amazing kawaii stationery and accessories, as well as new characters next year. We would also love to grow our YouTube channel. If you haven’t subscribed yet please do so! We will be adding more relaxing studio vlogs.


We hope your 2022 will be filled with blessings and love. The year 2022, will be the year of gratitude. Instead of looking at all the bad things, let's focus on all the amazing and wonderful things that are right in front of us. Those are the good things that help us push forward to even better things. 


The Kozi Mocha Team

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