Where Can You Stick Your Favorite Kawaii Stickers?

Where Can You Stick Your Favorite Kawaii Stickers?

If your anything like me and have a hard time finding places to place your favorite stickers. Here is a look into where you can apply your stickers. 

The placement of your kawaii stickers is a matter of personal preference and creativity. You can stick stickers on various surfaces and objects, but here are some common suggestions:

  1. Laptop/Computer: Many people enjoy decorating their laptops or desktop computers with stickers. Just be sure not to cover any important vents or components. You can also buy a clear case and place all the stickers on the case. This is if you don't want the stickers to be placed on the laptop itself.

  2. Water Bottles: Sticking stickers on reusable water bottles is a popular choice, but make sure they are waterproof and won't affect the bottle's functionality. 

  3. Notebooks/Journals: Personalize your notebooks, journals, or diaries with stickers to make them unique and visually appealing.  

  4. Skateboard/Longboard: Skateboarders often decorate their boards with stickers, giving them a custom look. 

  5. Phone Case: Customize your phone case to look cute with stickers, but be cautious not to obstruct buttons, cameras, or charging ports.

  6. Guitar/Instrument: Musicians sometimes decorate their instruments with stickers, but avoid covering any sound holes or crucial parts.

  7. Car Bumper/Window: Some people put stickers on their cars to express their interests or affiliations. However, make sure they don't obstruct visibility or violate local laws.

  8. Skate/Snowboard Helmet: Decorate your helmet with stickers, but ensure they don't compromise the helmet's safety features.

  9. Fridge: Stick stickers on your refrigerator to add some personality to your kitchen.

  10. Travel Luggage: Easily identify your luggage at the airport by adding unique stickers.

  11. Bicycle: Customize your bicycle frame or helmet with stickers to make it stand out.

  12. Toolbox: Organize and personalize your toolbox by adding stickers to each tool's compartment.

  13. Surfboard: Surf enthusiasts often decorate their boards with stickers, but ensure they won't interfere with your balance or performance.

  14. Art Projects: Use stickers creatively in your art projects, scrapbooks, or collages.

  15. Workspace: Brighten up your workspace by sticking stickers on your desk, monitor, or office supplies.

Remember that while stickers can be a fun and expressive way to personalize your belongings, be mindful of where you place them. Make sure you're not covering any critical functions or safety features (e.g., cameras, air vents, important labels) on objects like laptops, phones, and cars. Additionally, consider the adhesive quality of the stickers and whether they can be easily removed if you change your mind or want to reuse them.

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