Manufacturing Defects Sale / Grades

What are Manufacturing Defects?

Many times when you start off a new business there could be mistakes when it comes to the production of merchandise. Especially when it comes to outsourcing your merchandise. This could often be noted as a ripped material, color differences, or in general poor quality results. 

Here at Kozi Mocha Paper Co. we don't believe in getting rid of our products. Instead, we believe that the product has another opportunity for sale. Thus, we will place our manufacturing defect products on the sale page. This could range from stickers to memo pads. This also means you get the chance to purchase our products at a discount. Yay! who doesn't love a good deal. 

What are Grades?

Grade A products are the products that passed inspection to the highest degree. They are the products with absolutely no flaws. Grade B products are the products that passed inspection but do contain some minor flaws. It could be the smallest detail but the product looks almost perfect. Anything lower than that will not be listed as inventory. We try our best to bring you the best product and making sure we are being transparent with the quality.